The sketch looked better but,here’s Stan looking so adorable in a golfing outfit.


I need a picture of Bill Cipher surrounded by baby Bills and calling them Mini Doritos. Don’t ask questions.

I drew some sleeping pines and a waddles.


Posting this,from this,by itself cause I think I’m funny.

Posting something that’s not a dick.More modern!Bucky and modern!Aggie.

Full view of both

Finally done ;v; now for a personal caption under the readmore.

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Is…Is this what you wanted,Anon?

#Smut4Kari ??Yes??

Viva La Kari????

I’m confused……...I’m going back to drawing sexy art of hunkle stan….

Ever since aeraya brang up the whole modern au,it’s all I’ve been thinking about other than gross teenagers and wanting to funkle the grunkle.

So,here’s a sloppy doodle of Modern!Charlie.Even as a human he looks like an asshole.


Aggie saving Bucky from bullies,probably from Charlie.
Charlie’s an asshole.